Radiance Oil

It’s very rewarding when you use your skills to promote an excellent product, even more so when it’s to support a great cause.

I have designed the special packaging of Nourish London Radiance Oil and the imagery of its campaign, which is now online. Head to www.nourishskinrange.com to get a bottle to yourself, as a present to a loved one or just to support the good work of Walk The Walk Charity against breast cancer.



Another collaboration with Lucerne Music Edition, this time a very special print size A3.

‘Gloria’ is a famous classical Christian choir piece by composer John Rutter. Notencafe commissioned  Lian S. Rochester to arrange the versions for brass band and wind band.

‘Gloria’ means glory, worship. I wanted to create a piece that would make people think of what glory means in terms of religion, humanity and nature, the latter perhaps the most glorious of all?